Why go with a pro?!

On a day that will be remembered, photographed, maybe captured on video, and involves family and friends do you really want to have someone or a team that is still getting their bearings? In all the years Touch the Sky DJs has been available for hosting events we’ve made it a point to talk to vendors and our clients. Here is what they had to say:

Brides and Grooms from every culture, age group, religious background, and from varying parts of the world all funnel down to these few things. The DJ really made the night flow; he/she kept everyone engaged in the night, stuck to the information provided by the couple, played the songs we requested, and did it all seamlessly. Couples without a doubt usually find out after they’ve used their DJ if there DJ is worth the money they charge or if they should’ve paid more to get someone with some more experience.

In a day and age where there are reviews from credible sources or previous clients, be sure to check those out. You want someone that has some skin in the game and has experience under their belt.

Time and time again vendors say how important it is that the DJ works as a part of the team instead of a one-person show. Here at Touch the Sky DJs we try to exemplify this. We know wedding planners go out of there way to make sure every little detail is ironed out for the couple long before their big day. We also understand that photographers want to position their equipment for optimal lighting or take advantage of natural light while its available. This all boils down to a DJ that’s flexible.

If you hire someone with experience you’ll be amazed at how fast the night went by. Contact us today about our availability for your special events. We even extend referrals to some of the best vendors in your area.

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