What We Do


We use nothing but the best and most reliable equipment. Apple/Dell/Hp computers, Pioneer and Numark controllers, Sennheiser microphones, JBL speakers, state of the art lighting (laser lights, still lights with multiple colors, and multi-colored rotating lights), light stands, microphone stands, and great wiring. We know that great quality leads to a great experience for you and your guests and we don’t leave this component up to chance. The items listed are standards in our most utilized set up.


Our DJs are in suits or formalwear for every occasion. It’s a part of our service. The only way we don’t show up in formalwear is if you say so. We are professionals and we believe in looking the part. Let us know about your themed parties and we will be sure to dress up and add to the element. You can find pictures of us in 70’s gear for disco parties, athletic wear for 5k’s/fundraisers/sports events, and we’re always ready to jump into costume at Halloween. Whether its a school dance, church function, or a party in the backyard that you’re ready to wow your guests and neighbors with, we want to add to the fun.


Our inspiration comes from you. We know there can be a lot of stress that goes into creating the perfect day. Put the “hosting” responsibility in our hands and let us work our magic. We will talk through the details of your event long before the day it happens. Everything from whose going to be there, what music you like, and who’s giving a toast, our DJs deliver on the specifics. Choose us for the events that need the highest level of attention to detail and a staff that cares about what matters to you.

We are known for having clients that walk away from our service more than happy to refer us and leave phenomenal reviews. We work hard because we want you as one of our happy clients…and repeat customers for life’s biggest events!


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Phone – (330) 475-9459

Email – info@touchtheskydjs.com

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