Meet Our Team

These are the dedicated staff that go above and beyond to make sure your celebration is the best it can be. They are true champions in their endeavors and great people to know. Count on them to lead the night and get everyone involved.


I’m from Columbus, Ohio and live in Chicago now. I love the ability to get a crowd up and moving and letting the coupe know they’re in good hands. There’s something about shaking hands and welcoming the bridal party into the reception that’s always electric. I’ve been with the team for four years and when I’m not DJing I’m practicing law in Illinois.


Daniel hails from Ohio and currently lives in Las Vegas. He joined the TSDJs team two years ago and is now the taking the love for what we do to this robust city. Whether it is at Casinos on the strip or Country Clubs in the surrounding suburbs, Daniel knows how to throw a party. “Helping facilitate amazing parties, which includes rocking the dance floor but so much more, is so much fun and I LOVE the job!” When not DJing, Daniel is at his studio working on his fine art career and Portraiture business.


I’m from Toledo, Ohio and can’t get enough of the 419. I absolutely love watching the crowd having a good time! It excites me to see people enjoying themselves, loving the music I’m playing and leaving with a smile on their faces. It’s the best feeling!! Outside of DJing, I’m a mother, full-time Program Manager at a Behavioral Health agency, entrepreneur and student pursuing my Masters at the University of Toledo. Go Rockets!


I’m from Detroit and live in Columbus, Ohio now. I enjoy being able to enhance the already special moment by taking the worry off of the couple on their big day. They’re the highest priority and they know it the moment they arrive. When I’m not DJing I’m working on Photography and Videography. The fun never stops.


I’m from Akron and live in Columbus, Ohio now. I enjoy meeting our couples and their families. It adds to my purpose to deliver an unforgettable evening. Everyone in attendance hears the music they love and has a chance to dance when I’m DJing. Outside of DJing, I am an owner of a soul food restaurant called The Good Eatery.


I’m from Detroit and now live in Toledo, Ohio. Life is good and I’m always on the road between the two cities. What I enjoy most about DJing is the technical side that gets everyone up and moving. I love music, create music, and I’ve always been curious about what people listen to. There’s no limitation on music and what resonates for people. Be your absolute best. That’s my motto. When I’m not working an event I’m writing and recording music.


I from a little bit of everywhere. I was born in Detroit, and have lived in Maryland, California, and now live in Ohio. Truth be told I think it’s prepared for me this career of helping others. Nowadays I’m always on a plane and I’m always looking for ways to take better care of our couples. What I enjoy the most is the teamwork of being in a room of professionals (photographers, videographers, planners, chefs, staff at venues, and many more) that believe in the common goal to give the couple the best experience. I believe in putting my heart into my work. When I’m not DJing I’m helping people invest their money and carve a way to financial freedom.