You DESERVE a Professional

There are life events that may happen once that we will and should always treasure. For that reason, you want a professional. You want someone that will make your important life events a top priority on their list. Anything less than that is subpar.

Here’s the reason why…

A professional is going to have these things:

  1. The equipment.
    1. The person you hire has made the investment after doing tons of research, to get the equipment that will make you do a backflip, and themselves as professionals be looked at in high regard by prospective clients. Having quality equipment is an investment and professional vendors want to use the best equipment and put out the best products for their clients.
  2. The reviews.
    1. A professional vendor is no accident. They’ve seen enough situations that they know how to navigate a multitude of curveballs thrown their way. With that they know how to still make a good thing out of things that are often out of their control. When you’re looking for your vendor be diligent and look for what most people have said about their service. Sure it’s unlikely that you’ll find an immaculate vendor but you’ll get a solid feel for who you’re going to be working with and THAT is where your money is going. Reviews are worth a good read.
  3. The experience.
    1. I hinted on it in my last comment about reviews. A professional vendor has experience under their belt. You want someone that knows their job, knows an opportunity when they see one, knows how to communicate with people, and has been trusted time and time again with other clients and their precious life moments.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and you read it here just why you need and DESERVE a professional. Don’t leave your life events up to chance and inexperience.

What’s in it for you?

Let’s be real, some people have a hard time asking a professional vendor that question. For others, its not hard at all. Both perspectives are understood by our company and we like to discuss that element right up front.

Here’s our answer and in a business and industry where your relationships with people go a long way, we’ve included some of the things we’ve heard the most over the years.

Our response

What you get when you choose Touch the Sky DJs (TSDJs) is a person that cares about the details of your day. When you’ve taken the time to have all of those conversations with bridesmaids and made threats to the best man about ‘keeping it appropriate’ when giving his toast, your DJ walks each person through what’s about happen. Father’s are a bundle of emotions watching their daughter’s become wives and start on this new journey. They need a professional they can trust and hand the reigns to knowing that being Dad you’re vulnerable and the flow of the day is out of your control. Mom’s are proud, groomsmen are huddling close to the bar for all too long, and the bridesmaids are all dressed to the 9’s.

Your DJ is taking all of this into consideration and isn’t caught up in what makes her/him look good…it’s all about what makes the couple look good and what details were discussed that would make this night nothing short of magical. That’s what’s in it for you. The magic is in the care. Every company has music and equipment. Not every company or DJ knows how to facilitate what I just explained.

What clients ask and say!

You played music for everyone to get up and dance to! OMG, I love that song and I haven’t heard it in so long! I can tell you really love your job! And the number one thing isn’t ‘said’, it’s shown…it’s when the parents of the couple come up at the end of the night and say “thank you”. It’s how they say it. There’s a connection through gratitude and appreciation. When you see and feel this, nothing else in the world matters.

It’s the guests in attendance that feel comfortable enough to walk up to your DJ and request a song, or ask if we have a card. It’s the people that come up and say they know someone getting married, or having a company party, or wondering about what other types of events we do.

Your guests are going to tell you how good of a time they had. Spoiler alert, it isn’t all about the music. The truth of it is, we know and live our purpose in this service. We focus on bringing more value to you.

Reach out to us today. That’s it. We’ll walk you through the rest.

Party at Parkway Place

Touch the Sky DJs at Parkway Place

Communication Turnaround Time

Our communication with clients and vendors is an important part of the behind the scenes. To get to know our clients and what’s important to them makes it easier in the long run to give them an amazing experience for the event we’re hosting. Equally, vendors want to know they’re working with and referring professionals to their clients. That being said, turnaround time for communication is something we value. It’s the thing that let’s everyone know you’re attentive and vested in the industry.

The truth of it is…

Vendors get the quickest turnaround time because being a vendor I know minutes make a difference. Some vendors reach out to us while they’re in front of their clients. Others are communicating via email with their clients and I want Touch the Sky DJs to be a viable option for the event if our date is open. So if there’s a chance I can respond quickly so that everyone is working with clear and definite availability (or not), I’ll make that happen. It’s a courtesy thing. Inherently no one likes waiting.

Clients are reaching out to us and other professional vendors at all times of the day and every day of the week. Let me take the mask off and say, because we know we’re getting “shopped” in comparison to the other companies and packages out there we are inclined to respond but we build a certain understanding that we will win some couples over and lose some. At the end of the day we have families and obligations as well that need and deserve our attention. If we were slaves to our emails and text messages it wouldn’t make for a very gratifying life, no matter how many events we do a year.

If you sincerely like a vendors work, sincerely let us know. We’ll go out of our way to communicate with you as quick as possible.

Readers…send us a quick line and let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear what your experience is with other couples searching for vendors and what you feel is a decent turnaround time from vendors to clients. Email us at

There is no competition

This post is for clients and vendors. Because of our love for this industry and profession we want to be contributors to what makes today’s market what it is.

This blog is meant to tie a broader conversation about service and leaving your mark when you have the chance. Through hours of reading and listening to history makers and companies that have endured tumultuous times that I’ve come to four words when it comes to business…’there is no competition’. People are busy, life is getting in the way, and we all have the same distractions. At the end of the day you’re really only battling with yourself.

To those that are shopping for vendors…will you get the ones you want?

You probably work hard and get little thanks for your contributions to your employer. Every once in a blue you’ll have a big day coming up that you’ll need to attend someone’s event or heaven’s forbid, you have a big event of your own and of all things YOU FEEL GUILTY for requesting time or calling off. Our take and cutting right to the chase (because that’s how we roll), your job is going to be there tomorrow. You not being there for a day (or a few) won’t effect the bottom line of whatever industry you’re working in. If you’re working in the realms of national defense, well that’s a different story, but call us and we’ll guide you through our recommendations…in real time so you minimize the risk of getting fired or chewed out.

The point we’re making is that you work hard and every now and then we don’t think you should feel bad about taking some time to yourself and getting the professionals that you want, to work in your favor for an event that means so much to you. This is where professional vendors that pour their heart into their work separate from the masses that are out to just make a buck. Let’s face it, some things in life demand ‘more than just the average’. For big events get the people you want. Take the time to sift through 2-3 people or companies that catch your eye but shell out whatever’s necessary to get a pro working on your side. You’ve worked and you’re not being nonchalant in your choice. This could become a lifestyle of decision making but for now it’s something that we’re confident saying you’re not gonna regret.

To the professional DJs and other vendors:

There’s a lot of noise out there about what the trends are and who’s doing what. Fine and dandy. Last time I check all that noise wasn’t paying my bills nor did it make me feel better when I woke up in the morning to look at myself in the mirror. Cut the noise. Watch your social media activity and find your voice. Post to share your heart and that’s when you begin to connect with your audience…and the audience that’s looking for you. There’s no competition when you’re speaking from your heart. Maxing out the number of gigs you can do in a year helps the financial bottom line but when it all boils down to legacy, are you really leaving the stamp on history that you wanted to leave?

That’s why we say there’s no comp. Build your brand and be consistent in showing up to see your company through wins and losses. Once you’ve have a chance to analyze and catch your breath, get up and get back to it. You need another day in the field and your clients need you. Don’t run as hard as others. Run YOUR hardest.

Mic drop.

Email us at and let’s talk about inspirational things, working, and being around the people we like to be around.

The Quarantine Jams

In a time that we’re all stuck in the house it’s so easy to lose track of what’s happening/happened in the world. Music is a great way to do some homework and get a feel of past and current events. Here are some artists and albums that we love and encourage you to listen to. You might want to go ol’ school and make someone a playlist…don’t act brand new. You know you’ve done it before! This is also a great idea when it comes to your motivation mix for the the gym. Here’s another idea, and not gonna lie I got this thinking about my childhood. When we didn’t have money to spend we would go for a long drive and listen to all of our favorite jams.

Take the opportunity to create a playlist or two by genre. Grab some snacks and two or three family members and hop on the road. There’s nothing like bonding over a few good songs as everyone sings at the top of their lungs.

In no particular order here are some legit songs that have stood the test of time and crossed cultures:

Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life (album)

Michael Jackson – Dangerous (album). Remember The Time is on that album and everyone gets into it.

Pearl Jam – Ten (album). This album will definitely make you lose track of time and who doesn’t need that in a quarantine where no one knows when it’s going to end.

Bell Biv Devoe – Poison (album and song). You can’t go wrong with this one. If people don’t sing along tell them to go quarantine by themselves. 🙂

Bob Marley & The Wailers – The Legend. I need not say anything more

If you need a good listening album because you weren’t born with the most melodic vocal chords try listening to the artists that put a lot of thought into the flow of the entire album and the artwork. DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN ARTISTS USED TO DO THAT? Yep, it was a thing.

Pink Floyd – Choose any album before the 80’s. Any one…and if you need someone to dialogue with about it, hit us up.

The Beatles – put on Spotify and get hip to what they did for pop music considering what was happening in the world at that time.

I’m going to stop there. I think there are enough bangers on this list to send you down the rabbit hole. The next blog will be about so playlists on YouTube that make for good background music and visual stimulation. Now go grab those snacks and gas up the car. The road is waiting for you.

Send us a message and let us know what you’re listening to during this quarantine. You can inspire our next mix.